About Olive Vine Boutique

Olive Vine Boutique is a family owned online store. When I became a mother my life changed in so many ways. Aside from being the biggest joy of my life, I went from working full time to staying home with my son and clothes that once fit either no longer fit or just fit differently! I must admit my wardrobe became consumed with “comfy clothes”. I soon realized that adding some stylish, trendy, yet still comfortable (that is the key…comfortable) pieces to my wardrobe not only dressed up my appearance but it also had a positive impact on my day. That is the whole idea around Olive Vine Boutique. I want to offer clothing to women that is trendy, affordable, yet still comfortable enough for daily activities. In other words, clothes that don’t have you rushing home to change out of right away into your “comfy clothes”! Being women and moms makes us so beautiful and I feel as though our clothes should reflect that. We owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be. If that means pursuing a dream, getting fit, or even revamping your wardrobe go for it and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.